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To help you understand some of the words and descriptions used within the AD Printing website, please review the glossary below. If you need further assistance, please do call on 01252 517001.

Alignment, Bitmap graphic, bmp, Bleed or Bleeding Edge, CMYK, Compression, DPI, Drop Shadow, Duotone, Emboss, Export, Font, Forms, FTP, Grayscale, JPEG, K, PDF, PNG, PPI, RGB, Royalty-Free Photos or Images, Sans Serif, Saturation, Screen Font, Vector Graphic

The positioning of a body of text. Text can be positioned to the left, right, or "centre" of a page.

Bitmap graphic
A graphic imange which is composed of a pattern of dots. The individual dots are stored as data on a computer. An example of an animation that is a bitmap graphic is a GIF animation.

Bitmap Image (bmp)
A graphic image stored as a specific arrangement of screen dots, or pixels. Web graphics are bitmap images.

Bleed or Bleeding Edge
When a page or a cover design extends to and off the edge of the paper it is called a "bleed".

Stands for the colors Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black. In print design, colors are defined as a percentage of each of these 4 colors.

A method of packing data in order to save disk storage space or download time. JPEGs are generally compressed graphics files. Compression is a technique to make a file or a data stream smaller for faster transmission or to take up less storage space.

Stands for dots per inch. DPI specifies the resolution of an output device, such as a printer or printing press machine. Print resolution usually runs from 300-1200 dots per inch on a Laser Printer and 125-225 dots per inch for photographic images on a print brochure. (For information on input device measurements see ppi.)

Drop Shadow
A drop shadow gives an image depth by creating a shading offset behind a selected image.

The application of two colors to provide richer tones than a monotone (single-color image, usually grayscale) can provide.

Embossing a graphic image adds dimension to it by making the image appear as if it were carved as a projection from a flat background.

To save a file in a different format (that of another program). For example, many Adobe Photoshop files are exported to become GIF or JPEG files.

A font is a complete set of characters in a particular size and style of type. This includes the letter set, the number set, and all of the special character and diacritical marks you get by pressing the shift, option, or command/control keys.

An application of black ink (for print) or the colour black (for the screen) that simulates a range of tones. Grayscale images have no hue (color). In print design, a grayscale graphic image appears to be black, white, and shades of gray, but it only uses a single color ink.

Abbreviation for Joint Photographic Experts Group. File format for full-color and black-and-white graphic images. JPEG images allow for more colors than GIF images and are usually smaller in size.

1. In computer terms, stands for Kilobyte.
2. In print design, with CMYK, the K stands for the ink color black.

If you are connected to the Internet, you are online. Online advertising is done exclusively on the web or through e-mail.

Stands for Portable Document Format. Created by Adobe Systems in its software program Adobe Acrobat as a universal browser. Files can be downloaded via the web and viewed page by page, provided the user is computer has installed the necessary plug-in which can be downloaded from Adobe's own web site.

Stands for Portable Network Graphics format, and is generally pronounced "ping." PNG is used for lossless compression and displaying images on the web.

Stands for pixels per inch. PPI specifies the resolution of an input device, such as a scanner, digital camera, or monitor. Web page resolution ranges from 72-96 pixels per inch. (For information on output device measurements see dpi.)

Stands for the colors Red-Green-Blue. In web design and design for computer monitors, colours are defined in terms of a combination of these three colors. For example, the RGB abbreviation for the colour blue shown below is 0-0-255. In contrast, print designers typically define colours using CMYK.

Royalty-Free Photos or Images
Photos, graphic images, or other intellectual property that are sold for a single standard fee and may be used repeatedly by the purchaser. Typically with royalty-free clauses, the company that sells you the images still owns all of the rights to the images, and they are allowed for use only by the purchaser (i.e., the same images cannot be used by another company or individual without repurchase).

Sans Serif
A style of typeface that means "without feet." Common sans serif typefaces include Arial, Helvetica, AvantGarde and Verdana. The following graphic image shows sans serif typefaces:

The color intensity of an image. An image high in saturation will appear to be very bright. An image low in saturation will appear to be duller and more neutral. An image without any saturation is also referred to as a grayscale image.

Screen Font
A part of the font suitcase (of Adobe Type 1 fonts), describes the shape of each character to the operating system so that the font can be seen on a computer screen.

Vector Graphic
A graphic image drawn in shapes and lines, called paths. Images created in Illustrator and Freehand (graphic design software) are vector graphics. They are usually exported to be bitmap images.


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